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COVID-19 Protocol Update


Your safety and health are important to us. We feel that we have done everything to make our salon safe. With that being said, we have to get back to some kind of normalcy, so effective June 29th, wearing a mask will be optional.

We will continue to sanitize every station, sink, and chair after every client.

We also have 2 air purifiers running continuously.

For those who do not feel comfortable without their mask, we understand. In addition, if you would prefer your stylist to wear one, don't hesitate to ask.

For our clients not wearing masks, if you see a masked client, give them your respect and practice social distancing.

While Bab & Co is not governed by the HIPAA law, we believe it is up to the individual whether to disclose their medical info. We respect your privacy and we ask you do the same with our team.

Lastly, if you are experiencing any COVID-19/cold or flu symptoms, stay home. There is zero tolerance for arriving to your appointment symptomatic. You will be asked to leave and charged for your scheduled service.


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